Let me just start by disclosing that I am a mom of three young children. Growing up in Guyana, our community was surrounded by most of the natural ingredients found in Sh oil. Unfortunately, our parents were not able to blend and combine the natural ingredients into this super useful product we have now for distribution. My children are so fortunate to grow up this naturally-produced product.

I first learnt of this oil in 2010 after becoming friends with a woman in the Philippines. Due to strict regulations, she was only able to ship me about 10 bottles of oil at once for my personal use. After this initial shipment, she was only able to provide a few additional shipments until the postal service curtailed her mailings. The fact is, I enjoy and used what I had sparingly because I found it very effective for relieving colds, headaches, psoriasis, arthritis, inflammation, and many more physical ailments. I categorically refuse to use powders, baby oils, and any other over-the-counter products marketed for children because of all the toxins and carcinogens present in them.

I am so excited to share this natural oil with you! I am convinced that you will love it too!

Shiatsu Wonder Oil

Shiatsu Wonder Oil boasts countless benefits for all your needs.

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